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miscellaneon, in my inbox again with sheer greatness, this time accurately portraying how she looked at Sebastian when the Chantry blew up. Nah I’m kidding but not really 
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art trade with miscellaneon, she wanted a sketch of her human Inquisitor Nya
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$20 commission for countessnoir

I just love how anybody who draws her is able to capture her jerkass body language and attitude with such ease! I love it! Hope I can commission you again soon babe.
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Melita’s there for her matter how follically challenged. 
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I had some left over energy from that Krysta pic, so I whipped up a quicky of miscellaneon's FemCousland Kioni. I asked her  for some clothing options and she gave me none thinking my creative liberties at 3 in the morning were going to be at their peak. Tch well lol. 
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Viv practice, cuz I mean she’s a babe